Dorian Morelli

Taking inspiration from contemporary architecture around the world, Dorian Morelli returned to Perth in 2005 after living and working in Europe, to establish Dorian Morelli architectural design service.

Armed with a passion for sleek, functional and environmentally sound design principles, Dorian has established himself as one of Perth’s leading designers of contemporary buildings. With an impressive list of credentials to his name and a highly skilled team, Dorian’s designs have won multiple awards and the company’s achievements have been recognised by being awarded one of the industry’s highest accolades for three consecutive years.

Dorian Morelli brings a unique blend of contemporary European style and modern Australian architecture to every home, creating designs that are inspired by the lifestyle dreams and aspirations of his clients.

Our Mission

While the clothes we wear and cars we drive define our tastes and sense of style, it is our homes that determine the way we live. Only a home that is specifically designed to enhance the lives of those who reside in it can truly be said to define them.

To this end, Dorian Morelli’s mission is to build homes that are:

INNOVATIVE – modern, energy efficient designs that enhance the lives of the occupants and work in harmony with the environment, homes that continue to add value throughout the life of the home through the use of energy efficient materials.
PRACTICAL – a home that integrates with your lifestyle seamlessly and improves your quality of life in practical ways will be a home that your family will enjoy coming home to again and again.
INDIVIDUAL – a home that is designed to capture and express something of the people who reside in it is a home that sets itself apart from others.  Good design is instantly recognisable and effortlessly timeless.